Friday, March 28, 2014

Moving to Wordpress!

Hello Folks!
I have finally decided to move to Wordpress. So, if you are visiting this blog expecting new stuff, then I must let you know that all the future stories will be on my new apartment...
Just follow the link below...

See ya on the other side...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

In Some Parallel Universe...

    "Mom! He called me a cow!" she shouted at the top of her voice, over the railings of the staircase, to the kitchen below.

    "No Mom! I didn't call her a cow! She is a fat cow!" I shouted imitating her. She became more furious and I swear anybody could have managed to fry an English omelet on the top of her head.

    "YOU LITTLE PRICK! YOU ARE GETTING EXTERMINATED TODAY! AND I SO MEAN IT!" She shouted, lethally waving her hairbrush at me as if that was her lightsaber. I was upstairs and was furious at her. She had creased my favorite book, on its cover. She is ever so careless and I hated that!

    "Uff! How old are you two! One is twenty-three and the other is twenty-seven for god's sake! Are you ever gonna grow up or what! I spent thirty years doing this! I can't take it anymore." The two storied house rung with our voices. Mostly her and mine. Mom's was usually suppressed beneath ours.

    "Mom! It's her fault! she can't even read a book without ripping it apart!"

    "What the hell! It was just a minor fold and I didn't mean to do it! You have lost me my nail polish remover bottles countless times! I never find them when I need them" she cried out.

    "So, it's revenge, is it? Did you hear Mom, are you sure this is what you taught her?" I shouted down to Mom.

    "Give me a break! Leave me out of it this time!" Mom sighed loudly from the kitchen.

    I went back to my room when I heard quick silent steps, I knew it was her. She wanted to knock me flat on my back for calling her a fat cow, which by the way, she deserved. My room was never my choice of ring to fight and incidentally, her favorite. I anticipated her motives and dashed for the door to the adjacent corridor. Her room was just across it and I had to get there - to abduct a promising hostage, perhaps one of her favorite dress or lip-gloss - for letting me go! You know girls, they always have a lot of stuff they won't ever need but still treasure it like trinkets. When I reached my door I saw her at the top staircase at the other end of the corridor. She obviously thought I won't hear her tiptoeing.

    "Oh you idiot! NOT MY ROOM YOU MONSTER!" she shouted at disbelief.

    I smirked at her and broke into a run towards her room and she after me. This was my usual defence and she knew it. I got to her room, pulled open her wardrobe and grabbed one of her dresses. She froze at the door.

    "Bhai please! Not that one! I will kill you if a single thread is tampered!" she threatened. Her voice quivered and I picked up the indication instantly. I smirked and began my negotiation.

    "Leave me alone then. Say you are sorry you wrinkled my book." And I took a step forward towards the door where she was still standing frozen.

    "Okay! Okay! I am sorry."
    "Say it will never happen again!"
    "Okay, I swear it won't happen again. Just give me my dress back."

    I picked my steps cautiously towards the door, holding the dress like a hostage being used as a human shield. She stood in rapt attention and didn't take her eyes off mine. I crossed her and after taking a few steps away, I threw the dress at her and ran for the stairs. She tried to chase me but tripped over her dress and - CRASH! She fell on her knees and moaned painfully. I dashed back to pick her up.

    "Tell me nobody broke any bones!" Mom called from below. She was thoroughly familiar with this sort of occurrences.
    "No mom, I am okay." she called back to her.

    I put my arms around her gently and picked her up to sit on the floor. She rolled up her pajama she was wearing and rubbed her knee while I examined it.

    "Didi, come I will take you to my room and will get some ice." I said gently with a smile. I melted on the way she didn't try to blame it on me.

    "Naah, I will be fine, just fetch me that tube of pain relief creame from my wardrobe and it will do." She said messaging her knee.

    I didn't know she kept medicine in her wardrobe but I did what she told me to do. I rummaged through her wardrobe and my fingers caught something hard. It didn't seem like a dress, nor the tube of creame she was talking about. I carefully took it out and my eyes went rolling and tumbling, probably out of the solar system. It was the Calvin & Hobbes hardbound collection - Rare edition.

    "Tell me you like it! It was a difficult pursuit!" she grinned as she stood on the doorway, biting her hairbrush she was carrying. I ran and hugged her tightly. She giggled away furiously.
    When I let her go I saw her eyes, sparkling like a little baby, caught on it's happiest moment.

    "After all it's Raakhi, bhai!" she beamed.
    I asked her to fetch my pen from my drawer. I always wrote didi's and my name on the books.

    I watched her as she limped away towards my room, and a while later, it was my turn to treat my ears to a scream. An overjoyed one.

    She had been goggling at a beautiful Prussian blue dress, which was on display in a shop, a few weeks ago, and when she had saved up enough and had gone to get it, it was gone.

    Well, guess who bought it!


Dear Hypothetical Didi,

If you were my Didi in this lifetime, I swear I would take you for granted, but love you like a gem. I swear I would fight with you every day, pull your hair, shout at you, but be there when you need me and (even if like a pinprick on your neck) when you don't. World would have been such a different place, wouldn't it? But I guess, I didn't deserve you enough. When I think about the limitations, I blame it on God and comfort myself. But the most perplexing irony lies in the fact that, at the same time, the limitations are the exact things, for which, I don't wish to believe in God. I wish I knew which side I was on. For now, I just wish you existed. I promise I will meet you someday, in some parallel universe...

Hypothetically yours, 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A very Special Thanks...

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crazy Dreams!

    The things that I usually love to do, and which I eventually do, doesn’t really make much sense to other people and its fair enough because the things that other people usually do and love to do, doesn’t make much sense to me either. I am quite used to it anyway.
    I dream around a lot, even when I am awake and when I look around, I see tiny people squeaking ferociously near my feet, commanding me to get back to earth, right now! But that’s when I am dreaming at daytime with eyes wide open. The funniest dreams however, come when I am asleep and you don’t usually remember those dreams after you wake up, thanks to the daily chores or other worthless reasons. But if you manage to remember those dreams from your nap-time, they are quite fun.
    The other day, I decided to take a stroll in Wimbeldon. I had always loved that place because I had a curious attraction towards Tennis. My friends said I didn’t have anything for Tennis but only for the women who played Tennis. There isn’t much truth in that anyway, because they, the women who play Tennis, look more attractive in the after parties.
    The sky was blue and if I remember correctly it was around February. As I approached the stadium, suddenly I heard uproar coming from inside the stadium which I happened to be passing. It aroused my curiosity. The tournament doesn’t start until June. It encouraged me to sneak in and fortunately there wasn’t any security either, so I helped myself in casually. After a few steps, I found myself standing in one of the corners of the main court. The match was about to begin and nobody stopped me as I walked straight into the court.
    People aren’t allowed here! But wait, I had ball-boy uniform on! And not only that, I also had a camera dangling from my neck. Sharapova and Ivankovik walked in and picked their side and the match began. I got hit by a few balls while I was busy looking around and by the end of first set, both of them were furious at each other for some reason. They didn’t seem to quite care about winning anymore. They approached the center net, apparently arguing about a serious matter. I decided to take a closer look; curiosity is in my blood. I crept up through the side where the referee was sitting on a raised chair and I just stood underneath it. The issue was rather serious. It was about what the tennis ball was made of. From a few words I caught, Sharapova thought it was made of shredded cheese and Ivankovik said it was a live baby flamingo rolled into a ball. I didn’t find any of them convincing, but silently, I wanted to side with Sharapova because she was looking gorgeous at that moment.
    Meanwhile, the referee had vanished, and suddenly a glittering beam caught my eye and I saw Queen Elizabeth II had decided to take a stroll on the grass of the Wimbeldon stadium because the lawn grass of Buckingham Palace had turned blue in protest that the soldiers guarding the Buckingham Palace should be allowed to twitch every twenty minutes.
    It was all pandemonium. But the spectators had a different issue. It appeared that, Fender, an insanely famous brand that makes insanely famous guitars, had suddenly changed their Facebook profile picture to a Pokemon on which, Eric Clapton had decided to dress in everything lime-green in protest till it all went back to normal. But Fender was determined to have the Pokemon in question as their brand ambassador as well.
Everything was chaos like it was apocalypse as predicted, and there were also clear signs of a huge earthquake literally. The land beneath my feet started to move and the Queen suddenly turned upside down and had started walking on her hands to prevent the land from shaking beneath her feet which apparently gave her diarrhea.
    Everything shook wildly and everything turned real bright like a real bad photographer had taken an overexposed photograph and suddenly everything was quiet and I woke up with a jerk only to find the sun on my eyes.