Monday, June 27, 2011

The BLUE Boy...


I knew a little boy once who painted his face blue,

For he was born so different from me and you.
His face looked like just another in the crowd,
But his thoughts had their abode higher than the clouds.

Hidden behind the smoke, sunlight was hard to find
When the tanks used to march the deserted streets.
It was the year 1989 and thus not very kind,
For in some corner of the world, people still were colorblind.

Some places where sunlight shone just bright,
He danced and trotted and played around fearless.
While other childhoods of neighborhoods grew up with fright
The Blue Boy merely chose to see a different sight.

He sang as he walked, of the colors he could see,
For he wanted every soul to listen to his songs,
“The colorful flag fluttered with warmth and glee”.
Wind carried his songs to the world where people were living free.

The mother’s heart was frightened when she heard,
Her little boy was the “Blue Boy” as they called him in the streets.
For it were still 1989 there and thus not at all kind
But the Blue Boy had a special question in mind.

When his mother caught him down there, he said,
“Why can’t I be blue Mamma? When I can see right?
“Why do they need so many colors everywhere?”
“If they want it to be just black and white?”

This poem is dedicated to South Africa, and the people around the world who became victims of the cruel word called "racism". Be in the Nazis and the Jews, the Blacks and the Whites, the Hindus and Muslims.


  1. and then suddenly the world shackled with the thought of Blue! wow liked it.

    Weakest Link

  2. your ideas are quite same as mine..well written..check mine too..You will find it similar

  3. thanx a lot rachit, thought i didnt quite get ur "weakest link" part!!! but m really really glad u liked it :)

    thanx a lot arpita :) and sharing ur beautiful blog as well :)

  4. Your first post touched my heart.. Aww... sweet poem.. Good Luck and will my life be colourful

    Someone is Special

  5. It is a very nice and touching poem.I like it very much!!

  6. it is such a beautiful poem....very just shows what a beautiful and caring heart u have..samik.....ur thoughts just make me spellbound..:)

  7. Nice poem. :)
    It touched my heart. :|

    Keep Blogging.

  8. Thanksss A LOT guys :) really honoured .. Arnab Pratip, Arpit :)

  9. Had read this long ago but somehow missed out commenting. Lovely words Sam!

  10. I love your writing, paintings, photography, poetry! You are one super-duper talented boy! the blue boy touched my heart and soul! You have a very powerful, visual way of evoking emotions! what a beautiful post, by an equally beautiful/awesome person! Way to go! My best wishes and blessings are with you always! :)

  11. @Anukriti: Thank u Soooooo much for the wonderful words. your words prove that beautiful ppl see the world beautifully... :)