Thursday, December 27, 2012

'One Fine December' – My Entry To The GetPublished Contest

O N E     F I N E     D E C E M B E R
My Entry For 'Get Published' Contest By HarperCollins

    The story is set in Lucknow, when Ronny and Akanksha return to Lucknow during their respective semester breaks. They both have been best friends since high school and they also had promised to stay in touch when he moved to Calcutta and she moved to Manali for college. During their school days, they had a large group of friends and they hung out together but she was secretly in love with him and he was secretly in love with her. However, he was too confused to confess his love for her and she was too insecure to reveal her feelings for him. Six years they had spent hanging out with each other and their friends and at the same time working hard to keep their feelings at bay. But things were different now. New places and new friends can wear away promises. Ronny had became close to a girl in the college he was enrolled to but on the other side, the few months that Akanksha had spent away from him had made her doubly insecure over the period and it was excruciating for her to carry on being miles apart from him without knowing for sure if he loved her. But the holidays were nearing an end and it. Maybe he didn’t love her anymore.

    Not every love story might seem special to the readers, but they are exceptionally dear to the persons concerned. And sometimes, a few people might even write a story to keep a promise. But, every story, when its told honestly, can act as an inspiration in one way or the other. You never really know which story strikes a chord. This story is just my way of keeping a promise to a friend, proclaiming that their story will not go untold.

"...The chances of her meeting him again during these holidays had narrowed down to none. But she wouldn’t admit her love to him; he is supposed to do that. Hasn’t he known her long enough to be able to tell?
    A girl’s heart is filled with insurmountable mysteries and delicacies which she allows only the boy she loves, to explore and she expects the boy to surprise and overwhelm her in return, by his charm and passion. But a boy’s heart is too naïve and often too uncertain of the venture it pursues. But at one concern, both the hearts coincide to something beyond measure as both their hearts, being honest and innocent as a kid, possess all the weakness in the world towards the person they truly care for.
    Akanksha had been constantly trying to shelf her feelings; to prepare for the worst. But what if the worst did happen; she won’t be able to endure it and she knew it. She had put too much of herself into this; she had crossed the point of no return by miles. She just wouldn’t go away another six months without knowing for sure. Yet not a single streak of light would produce itself which could ease her mind."

"This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India."


  1. Sounds great ... all the best :-)

  2. The excerpt is beautiful. Very well written Samik. Touches the heart because it sounds so real. Loved it. Keep penning as beautifully as you do! :)

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